Friday, January 22, 2016

Starting over

I feel like I am back at the start again...

That's right. 2016 means a new school, a new year level and new opportunities for me. It also means feeling completely discombobulated in the weeks leading up to commencement.  Funnily enough I read Philippa's blog post with advice for beginning teachers last week thinking "man I'm glad I'm not a beginning teacher" and then today it hit me. I am a beginning teacher.  I am starting out again.

So I am going to write some advice to myself.

  • It is okay to not know everything yet. 

And that may be the only advice I need to give myself. I am going to take Phillipa's advice and write my questions down in a notebook and then ask them.  I will suss everything out before bowling on in. I will be warm and amicable and listen with intent.

I realise I am not the only person in this position this year. There are actually quite a high number of us that have left the comfort (discomfort?) of our familiar schools to launch ourselves at new opportunities.  

If you are reading this and you are not one of those people but know someone else that is "starting afresh" give them some support in the next few weeks. We can talk curriculum and students but we don't know where to get the laminator sheets yet. We won't know whose cup is whose in the staffroom and we may not know everyone's name. Be kind.

To my fellow newbies, all the best with starting over. You are still the incredible teacher I knew last year. You will find your focus soon. Kia kaha!