Sunday, April 6, 2014

Chasing my tail

So as the term draws to an end (2 weeks to go!). I fear that I am only really starting to get organised now.  I have realised that the downfall of being a beginning teacher is that it takes a lot of time to collate resources so that you have everything on hand that you might need.

The laminator and photocopier have become my friend.

It takes time to set up reading and maths rotations.  It takes time to scan the resource room for which reading books you need.  It takes time to find everything!  Which can be really challenging when you are "teaching in the moment".

You start getting into the flow and then suddenly there is a school trip, release, a course, or an assessment that changes the routine again.

Teachers need to be able to juggle, be flexible and chase their own tails...all with a smile on their face!