Monday, March 16, 2015

Human Robots

Today I tried something a little different in my Makerspace session. Kids faces when I said we wouldn't be using the iPads for coding today:

What? Coding without iPads. NO WAY!!!

I used a lesson from Kodable that looked at programming human robots. That is, writing code for somebody else to follow to do an obstacle course. This also turned into a dance. This also turned into Miss Stubbing doing box jumps onto chairs and press ups.  I actually think the kids were starting to take the mickey!!!!

I really enjoyed what happened in this lesson because the learning was both kinaesthetic and visual. Kids were jumping around all over the place. I was jumping all over the place. Students tested their code on me and on each other. And sometimes the code did not work!!!

At one point I was in a "doing the splits" position and supposed to be moving into jumping onto a chair. IMPOSSIBLE!!! The code needed to be changed. Try, change, try, change...

Me going from the splits into a jump

And just another reason why I am so keen on coding with students. Amazing problem-solving skills and hands on learning. And we didn't even use technology!!!

P.S. Afterwards one student said to me "I'd love to make real robots". Ah guess what kid? YOU CAN!!  Hooked!