Wednesday, July 29, 2015

He Kanohi Matara

Blog post #3 as part of Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

I don't think I ever set out to be innovative in my practice. Yes, I latch on to new ideas and am an early adopter but I thought that down to me being more excitable than anything. I got labelled as an "innovative tweeter" by Innovate my School which I was a bit embarrassed about, however maybe I need to brace my visionary side?

With the learner at the centre of what I do, I really do hope that I inspire my students to take risks and try new things. I model that by trying new things with them. Sometimes I fail. Modelling failure, I feel, is important.  If we want children to have certain learning dispositions then we need to have those learning dispositions too.  Maybe risk= innovation?

My aspirations for my students come from a place of manaaki and aroha. I really want them to shine at what they do. I acknowledge their strengths and their interests and aim to nurture them. I also want this to filter out to students that are not in my class. I have done several things this year that allow other students to also experience opportunities that develop dispositions.  I have started a code club at school and I use whānau days (year 0-8 groups) to set up activities that are new experiences for most.

One of my biggest achievements in this area of being "visionary" is that I have grown our kapa haka roopu. Originally this was open to year 5-8 students. We now have from year 0-8. Our newest member started school and kapa haka in the same week.  That was pretty special.  The aim of kapa haka for me is to practice whakawhānaungatanga.  I have watched the relationships grow within the school.  Tuakana-teina is evident.  Students have a sense of belonging (mana whenua)  Even today I saw a Year 5 boy playing with Year 2 girls at lunchtime.  They all know each other from kapa haka.  They have shared experiences together including a noho marae.  They are family. They are whānau.

That was my vision... and I'm glad I achieved that.