Wednesday, August 5, 2015

He Kaimahi

Blog post #5 unpacking Tū Rangitira

I really like the concept of "leading through doing".  It would be fair to say that sometimes when you feel powerless as a leader (through existing hierarchies and bureaucracy) that you can still achieve leadership in this way.

In my mind I see worker bees...

Heads down, tails up!
...they do what needs to be done. They don't ask to be thanked and they don't need to be the Queen Bee.  Something important to note though is that worker bees need each other.  They need to work with each other to achieve.  The most important reflection here being "I cannot do this by myself".

In the classroom it is about joining in with the learning. Being a student in your own class. In this way you are modelling what it is to be a good learner while at the same time being a good teacher. My students are doing the 40 book challenge and so am I. They read, I read.

Appreciating how much work/time has gone into something - well there is an area that I think gets forgotten.  All it needs is a thank you or an acknowledgement. Or even a cup of tea made for you as you rush in from doing your thing...