Saturday, February 21, 2015

#28days of writing

I've fallen off the bandwagon at the end of a rather busy and tiresome week (full of late night) but I did awake this morning to this tweet from +Bridget ComptonMoen which I could totally sympathise with!

Oh good. Somebody else was feeling like I was. But as soon as Bridget put the tweet out the help came...

So I thought I would like to reflect on how I've found this challenge so far.

To be honest I was a bit hesitant to join up initially because I knew that February is a crazy time in the teaching profession. You meet your new class, you set up new routines, you do lots and lots of planning, meet the teacher evening, 3 way learning conferences, new school initiatives etc etc. However I am really glad that I did. The first couple of posts I found excruciatingly hard. I was thinking too hard about what what to write and how to phrase it. I was also aware of my audience and also about the numerous seasoned bloggers whose posts I always enjoy. I actually had put a block on my writing.

What I needed to do (and this eventually happened) was to stop thinking about my wider audience and think about writing for myself. Now this concept is interesting because I teach my students to always be aware of their audience. I expand their concept of audience of themselves and me (as the person they think they are writing for) to the possibility that others may want to read it. And here I was bringing my audience back to me.

But maybe that is what I needed to do to get into the flow of writing. Yes I admit I have started posts then pressed delete because I have thought that nobody would have wanted to read that. However I have gotten better at just writing. It is raw but it is authentic and to be honest I'm not worried if anybody reads it or not.

I'm now back on the bandwagon. I'm going to take some of +Tom Barrett's other ideas and play catch-up.