Thursday, February 26, 2015

Is writing a neglected art?

Stephanie may have lived in a Full House but she still made time for writing

I have just finished 2 evenings of 3 way learning conferences for school. There was a similar theme that occurred when I asked the following question:

"Do you do any writing at home?"

I suddenly started feeling really sorry for writing. Poor neglected writing. Completely overshadowed by basic facts and spelling, sports practice, jazz ballet, swimming lessons and reading. And then I began to think about my own experience of doing this 28 days of writing challenge.  It actually took me a few days to get into the flow of writing. Once I had flow it became easier. Then I ran out of ideas and got writers block. Then I found inspiration again and now I am back in flow.

Maybe my students who struggle with ideas and writing longer stories are actually struggling with finding flow? And maybe flow can only be found through actually writing regularly?

The way I engaged my struggling and reluctant writers last year was through free writing opportunities.  They loved free writing.  They wrote with buddies, created all types of written work and got really creative.  Already this year with a new bunch of students they are asking for more opportunities for free writing. I am worried however that they only see their creativity being in this time.

So my questions to think about is how do I encourage writing as much as I do reading (which is my passion)? How do I get my students excited about teacher directed writing tasks as much as they do their own self-driven writing? How do I encourage them to write at home?

I have a few ideas... I want to utilise the blog as a way to promote audience. I want writing to be published and shared often.  I want to utilise technology to provide other ways to create writing. I am also keen to introduce something similar to #28daysofwriting for my students to help them get into their flow.

I am always open to ideas so please feel to share some with me.