Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Keeping the balance - find what feels good!

As per usual the beginning of the school year has been a wild rush of go, go, go and already I have fallen into a terrible routine/ rut of being too busy, rushed and feeling like I have too much left to do.

I actually need to implement a plan in which I can balance school and life and really look after myself physically and emotionally.

Teaching mindfulness to children was a debated media topic at the end of last year. But what about mindfulness for teachers.  How often to teachers get to totally disconnect? I know that I have real trouble doing this. I think about stuff for school constantly - while I'm driving, watching tv, doing chores, walking, breathing... it just doesn't stop. Could teachers benefit from having a period dedicated to mindfulness during the school day? Do we need to disconnect in order to reconnect?

Recently I was introduced to an online yoga guru by the name of Adriene Mishler. She has a website and youtube channel and she is nothing like you would ever imagine. A native Texan, she has a lovely colloquial way of relating to her audience. I feel like I've known her for ages. She's fun and even though I am totally unflexible (extremely tight hamstrings) she makes me feel like I can do it. She also has one motivational saying. That is, to find what feels good. I'm adopting this as my mantra for this year.

Yoga is a great way to help you discover mindfulness and I really hope that I can incorporate it more into my week. I thought I might look at some meditation too. +Karen Melhuish Spencer has mentioned in her recent blog post that she uses the Headspace app to get her mind set for the day. I'm imagining now what a 10 minute "disconnect" at lunchtime could do for my brain each day... I'm hoping that it "feels good".

I'll keep you posted!