Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bits of paper

I have been reflecting this week about bits of paper. I have a lot of bits of paper, unfiled on my desk, around my desk, behind my desk, in my desk drawers and in 2 different boxes and an in-tray.

I got given 2 pieces of paper in staff meeting this week that I had never seen before and then got told that I had also been given them this time last year. Useful information on them too! I told a colleague this and she agreed, so many pieces of paper and no time to read them.

So how do we manage this constant flow of paper so that we don't end up drowning in it? (or getting lots of paper cuts?).

I know of teachers that spend whole days in the holidays filing. Surely there must be another way to make sure you read the pieces that you need and can find other pieces when you need them? Are there any seasoned professionals out there willing to share their tips and tricks to keeping a tidy desk?

I might have to start a Pinterest board for this...